Tenant Resources

Remote Work Best Practices
Is Remote Work the “Netflix” for office buildings?
The End of the Handshake Deal: Coronavirus’ Impact on Office Leasing
What’s Next for Co-Working After the WeWork Debacle?
Tenants: Are You Ready for the New Lease Accounting Standard?
Is the Open Office Plan Dead?
Can You Hear Me Now? What Tenants Must Know About Office Building Cell Service
Tenant’s Guide to Minimizing Office Construction Costs
Subtenant’s Guide to a Great Deal
Tenant Lease Security Strategies
Limiting the Hidden Costs of Office Rent: Operating Expenses & Taxes
Added Transparency Needed for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Office Building Amenities Arms Race
How Tenants Can Limit Lease Surrender Liability
Bridging the Last Mile – innovative public-private partnership
The TICking Bomb of Building Ownership
Corporate Office Urban Migration – Chicago & Nationally
Office Building Tour Checklist
Tenant’s Lease Renewal Strategies
Operating Expense & Tax Reconciliation Season: Don’t leave Money on the Table

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