Our Competitive Advantages

As most tenants are at a competitive disadvantage when leasing commercial real estate, today more than ever they need a zealous advocate and advisor.

  • CONFLICT-FREE REPRESENTATION – Blackacre Advisors provides conflict-free representation by representing only tenants.
  • LEGAL BACKGROUND – While not providing legal services, given our legal background, we have the insight that allows us to “see around the corner” on key issues, saving our clients time and money.
  • EXPERIENCE – With our 20+ years of experience representing only tenants in the Chicago area and nationally, we have seen it all and are committed to safeguarding our client’s interests. 
  • INDEPENDENT OWNERSHIP – Being independently owned, we treat every real estate project as if it is our own. Independent ownership allows us to focus our time and efforts on your project without being burdened by splitting 50% or more of the fees with a passive ownership group, giving us the freedom to focus on successfully achieving our client’s goals.

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