Bridging the Last Mile – innovative public-private partnership

trainThe trend of companies moving to urban areas in search of younger talent has challenged some suburban based companies, landlords and suburban governments in the Chicago area and across the country.  Earlier this year, I posted a blog examining the trend of urban migration in Chicago and nationally: Corporate Office Urban Migration – Chicago & Nationally.  While the Chicago area is well connected with mass transit (including an extensive rail system), the challenge has been for commuters to get to and from the rail line.  That’s particularly been a detriment for suburban companies trying to recruit “car-less” millennials whom live in Chicago.  While there’s train service for reverse commuters, the transit from the train to suburban office parks is a challenge.  Recently, however, a Chicago area based company, along with the support of DuPage County and the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), has piloted a car-share solution at a local train station to improve transit connectivity.

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