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How Tenants Can Limit Lease Surrender Liability

Looking forward to a new chapter in your business, you just moved into your new office space.  Your old office building is, however, haunting you after receiving an invoice from your prior landlord for restoration obligations.  Most office leases contain … Continue reading

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Insurance Overview for Office Tenants

Insurance is one of the keys to addressing the risk of casualty.  Tenants need to keep in mind and remind the landlord that they are paying for the insurance through their rent either directly as an Operating Expense or indirectly … Continue reading

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How Tenants Can Prepare for the Unthinkable

Hurricane Sandy devastates the northeast.  As recently reported on Bloomberg ( 33% of the 101 million square feet of lower Manhattan’s office space was inoperable as of November 7th, several days after Sandy’s landfall.  Likewise, immediately after 9-11, areas of … Continue reading

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