Don recently helped us navigate a complicated office lease and I cannot recommend him and Blackacre enough! We are a small nonprofit and none of our team had any prior experience with commercial leases. Over an 18-month period, Don helped us explore options, finalize them, and then helped us navigate a very complicated office lease that included design and construction of a new office. Don not only has an eagle eye for details, but he is also a fierce advocate for his clients. Time and again, he went to bat for us and caught opportunities to protect us as a client while maximizing the value we were getting from the lease. His loyalties never wavered even as we navigated the decision around a new lease in the middle of a pandemic. And long after the lease was signed, Don has stayed engaged with every step of the construction making sure that our interests are protected. He continues to negotiate on our behalf. Don is also extremely responsive and helps translate complicated office lease issues for people who are not steeped in that world. We were fortunate to have Don as our tenant representative and I highly recommend him for his knowledge, trustworthiness, and commitment to his clients.


Don Wenig
Blackacre Advisors LLC

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