Blackacre Advisors is a real estate brokerage firm that focuses exclusively on representing tenants in office leasing transactions.

Blackacre Advisors… Why that matters…
…is a small boutique firm …each client taken on is an important relationship
…is privately-held, with no debt …no pressure from investors or creditors to prematurely close deals. We retain our independence and answer only to our clients
…is independently owned …no sponging of 50% to 60% of earned commission revenue by passive ownership or by other brokers uninvolved with servicing the client. Our clients are assured of both the intensity, and the coordination, of our efforts on their behalf
…every transaction is managed by firm owner …no bait and switch from senior broker sales-pitch to junior broker point-man. Long-standing relationships are cultivated with our clients, providing them with a familiar and senior point of contact
…majority of business is from long-standing client relationships …the focus isn’t on closing the transaction and moving on to the next deal. Our clients are assured that the focus is on each individual project as we look to build a foundation for a long-term business relationship.

Our clients benefit from a loyalty that stems from the firm’s ownership being personally accountable for, and vested in, each client relationship.

  • Our small firm business model maximizes the broker’s personal stake in each client relationship.
  • In an industry increasingly dominated by large publicly-traded companies staffed with independent contractors, our model strips away many of the disincentives for the hands-on, time-intensive service that loyalty to the client demands.