We believe corporate space users expect independent and objective advice from their broker.

Blackacre Advisors… Why that matters…
…we represent tenants only …no “soft-negotiating” in order to win a landlord’s listing; no pressure from landlord-clients to land tenants for a particular building. We act solely on behalf of our clients, presenting them with all suitable options.
…we’re not limited to working 1 or 2 arbitrarily-defined markets …no “soft-negotiating” in order to enhance the broker’s standing with that landlord for the next deal; no risk of representing different tenants competing for the same space. Our clients are assured that we’re zealously representing them, and only them, in negotiations to achieve the best possible deal.
…we’re tied to our client, not to a market, and personally represent our clients in multiple markets …no “close-it-and-move-on” mentality typifying local brokerage; no passive acceptance of “comp” deal terms for which other tenants are believed to have settled. Our clients are assured that the focus is on their objectives.
…we maintain only one line of business and assist our client in evaluating any needed ancillary professionals … no promising “free” ancillary services with their built-in conflict-of-interest which tempt the broker to make behind-the-scene calls as to when such services are ramped up and when they are scaled back. Our clients are assured that they make the decisions regarding such services and that the representation we provide is unclouded by calculations as to how to minimize the cost of “free” ancillary services.

At Blackacre Advisors, we can meet our clients’ expectations because our service model insulates us from the conflicts-of-interest prevalent in commercial real estate brokerage.

  • Unlike full-service brokerage firms, we’re not looking for a lucrative assignment to lease a landlord’s building.
  • Unlike local tenant rep brokers, our future income isn’t based on repeatedly collecting commission checks from the same group of landlords.
  • With our service model there isn’t a conflict between our future income and our client’s interest in negotiating the best possible terms.