The experienced tenant rep professionals at Blackacre Advisors have made a commitment to continued learning and ongoing professional development.

Blackacre Advisors… Why that matters…
…more than 40 years of combined experience in representing tenants …we have a pragmatic grasp of the financial and legal issues unique to office leasing transactions. Our clients are represented by experienced professionals able to anticipate issues and protect the client’s interests.
…more than 20 years of combined experience at Blackacre Advisors …with one partner serving as the lead on each project, we work on each project, each client relationship, as a team, creating continuity for our clients. Our clients can devote more time to their business and spend less time on real estate transactions.
…each partner is also an attorney and participates in continuing legal education …we’re able to provide in-depth document review and negotiation and to identify and address issues on the front-end of a project before they become deal-killers on the back-end. Our clients benefit from our ability to structure, manage, and negotiate a successful lease transaction.
…counts a LEED accredited professional among its partners …we have an understanding of sustainability trends in the workplace. Our clients have a head start toward towards negotiating business terms and lease language facilitating the achievement of their corporate sustainability goals.

At Blackacre Advisors, we can meet our clients’ expectations because our service model insulates us from the conflicts-of-interest prevalent in commercial real estate brokerage.

  • In a commission-driven industry where the barriers to entry are low and the emphasis is on sales, we endeavor to differentiate ourselves by getting into the weeds on each project and working the details for our clients.
  • Our business model provides us with an enhanced financial stake in each client relationship and our professional credentials confirm the investment we’ve each accordingly made: to leverage our legal backgrounds with continued learning and professional development so that we can better advise and represent our clients.